(Formerly Dongling School of Economics and Management)
 To best serve industry and
 society, we create knowledge
 and educate students in
 management and economics,
 striving for innovation while
 maintaining integrity.
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Located at the north gate of the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB)’s beautiful campus in the Haidian district of Beijing where many top universities reside, the Donlinks School of Economics and Management (DSEM) enjoys a rich cultural and academic atmosphere. In 2011, the DSEM celebrated its 30 years of birthday.
The very early history of the DSEM goes back to 1950s as the “Metallurgy Economics and Enterprise Organization” established in Beijing Institute of Iron and Steel Technology. Department of Management Science was established in 1981, and then changed to the name of School of Management in 1993 and School of Economics and Management in 2006. It was renamed Donlinks School of Economics and Management in May 2011 following the generous donation from the Donlinks Holding Co. Ltd. In 2013, the DSEM passed the AMBA accreditation, and became one of the 200 AMBA certified business schools world-wide. Up to now, over 7000 students studied here and many of them have held major positions in industry and government.
The DSEM offers a full-range of degree programs: the bachelor programs with six majors, academic master programs with 7 majors, professional master programs with 5 majors and doctorate program with 4 majors.
The DSEM has a high-quality faculty team with 101 faculty members among which 90 are full-time and 11 are part-time; 31 professors and 36 associate professors.  More than 90% of the faculty member has Ph.D. degree. 70% of our faculty members have overseas studying and exchanging experiences.
While dedicating to teaching tasks, our faculty members also positively participate in scientific researches. Their research has achieved remarkable outcomes with many awards at provisional or national levels.Comparing with the 101 faculty members, there are 42 administrative staffs working at the school to assist the faculty and the students for the school’s daily operation.
The school is equipped with a school library with a large collection of domestic and international periodicals and professional books; an open computing and information center with advanced equipment; modern multifunction lecture halls; special classrooms and case study rooms; and a series of professional labs. All these resources provide students excellent learning environments and facilitate student’s learning experiences.
The DSEM has been maintaining close cooperative relations in teaching and academic researches with top business schools of international universities including US, UK, Canada and Germany, etc. for a long time. The DSEM admits international students from over 50 countries with the total numbers of 364. For example, the Sino-US EMBA program with the University of Texas at Arlington started in 2002 has gained a great reputation among the students and the society we served.

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