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Beijing Datang Gaohong Employment Opportunity
TIME2014-06-24 17:00
1. Position
    Marketing (5 person)
   Job Duty
   1.Collecting existing customers’ information and maintaining existing customer’s relationships
   2.Exploring new customer and new sales
   3.Understanding the focused customer’s needs and follow up with them
   1.Bachelor and above degree internet based industry  
   3.Being responsible and have a strong wish to serve, open and be a team player
   4.Great communication skill and love marketing, can work under pressure
   Salary:  Base 4000RMB/Month + commission
   Others: insurance, lunch, apartment, travel etc.

2. Contact
   1.Contact person: Jinpin Shi  
   2.Email     TEl010-57386000-6804
   3.Working place
      Beijing Hiadian District

3. About the company
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