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Call for Reserve Projects related to Sustainable Development of Beijing
TIME2014-04-30 17:02
Dear Faculty,

According to the new strategic development plan of Beijing area, which focus on the “Blue Sky Action,” “Capital Eco-environment Protection” and “Urban Fine Management”, now call for the following research proposal:
1. Call for proposal in fields of clean energy, pollution prevention which are innovative and can be widely applied in the future.
2. Call for proposal in fields of water source protection, waste management and re-cycle which can be widely used in the future.
3. Call for proposals which can increase the efficiency of city traffic, increase its safety and increase the emergency rescue which can be widely used in the future.  
If the proposal is selected, the Science and Technology Development Department of Beijing will contact the PI, so please provide your detailed contact information in the email.
Please email your application to the following address by May 9th , 2014.

Contact Person: Yinan Shen
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