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International Accreditation
The DSEM sees international accreditation as the best way to manage quality control of the school and to get internationally known. It is also in step with the university’s strategic plan on quality improvement and internationalization. The USTB is planning to promote the level of internationalization through different international accreditations in different fields of study. The DSEM is the first one among the 13 schools that started to seek international accreditation.

In DSEM’s five-year strategic plan, international accreditation, led by the dean himself, and the quality improvement plan are the center. International Accreditation & Quality Assurance Office and international accreditation work place were established to better carry out international accreditation affair and enforce quality control.

 The DSEM successfully passed the AMBA Accreditation in June 2013 for a period of three years. Currently the DSEM is pursuing the AACSB accreditation. The DSEM executive committee has committed that the school will keep pursuing the AACSB accreditation until gets accredited by AACSB, which has been approved by the DSEM’s advisory board as well. Later on the DSEM will pursue the EQUIS accreditation as well.
Quality education is the core content of today’s higher education in China and the all over the world. By adopting, aligning and enforcing mature international business school accreditation standards the DSEM will be even stronger and competitive to fulfill its mission and serve the society.


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