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Engineering Management
This major trains inter-disciplinary talents with the knowledge and skills of management, economy, law and civil engineering technology. Graduates should be competent to work in the fields of construction investment, planning and designing, real estate, building operations, and engineering consultation, being able to deal with investment and manufacturing cost, international project contractor and contract management, engineering safety and quality control£¨engineering construction and scientific research.
It’s a 4-year program for undergraduate students. A bachelor's degree in management is bestowed if the student has met the requirements of all kinds of evaluation.
Educational Objectives
Graduates of this major should grasp fundamental theories of management, economy, and civil engineering technology, and also possess the basic quality on aspects of  project budget, invite public bidding, construction technology and engineering process.
They will become the high level professionals working in enterprises, public institutions and governments.
Learning Goals
Students of this major mainly study the fundamental theories, knowledge and skills of management, economy, and civil engineering technology and grasp the basic methods of construction investment, manufacturing cost and international project management. They should have strong ability of expression, communication and information acquisition, understand the development trend of this major, and get the primary ability to analyze and solve project management problems.
Learning Outcomes
1. Grasp the fundamental theory of management & economics and the basic analytical methods of civil engineering technology.
2. Grasp the qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis methods of project management.
3. Have strong ability of managerial communication, cooperation and organization.
4. Be able to know the conventions and rules of international project management and the related rules of project contractor.
5. Keep informed of theoretical frontiers and dynamic development of this subject.
6. Grasp the methods of literature search and data search, and have the ability of scientific research and practical work.
There are 10 academic staffs in all, among which 4 are professors, 5 associate professors and 1 lecturer.
Management Science, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Management Information System, Statistics, Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, Economic Law, Operation Management, Human Resources Management and Strategic Management of Enterprises.
Computer Application Practice, Social Investigation, Business Knowledge and Practice, Specialty Practice, Curriculum design and Graduation Project.
Professional Practice
Mathematical Experiment£¨Chemical and Social Experiment, Computer Experiments, Introduction of Computer Technology, FoxPro and Basics of its Application, Management Information System, Project Evaluation and Management, Statistical Data Processing Technique, Database Principles, Engineering Drawing, Construction Cost, Engineering Project Management and Software Application in Project Management.
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