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Key Projects
The high quality research results are evidenced by the research projects obtained by the SEM faculty. A sample of the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and National Social Science Foundation of China (NSSFC) funded research projects are listed in below Table.


Selected NSFC and NSSFC funded projects (in 10,000RMB)
Project Title Project Investigator Sponsor Start Date End Date Total Amount
 Prognostics and Prognostics Based
 Complex Engineering Systems Health
Wenbin Wang NSFC 01/2013 12/2017 250
 Research on Thoughts Analytical Theme
 Discovery for Business Intelligence
Xuedong Gao NSFC 01/2013 12/2016 55
 Research on the Theories and Methods of
 Regional Technology Innovation Climate
Wu Yang NSFC 01/2013 12/2016 54
 The study on the technical efficiency
 evaluation and improvement about China’s
 high energy consumption manufacturing
 enterprise under the dual constraints of
 reduction and low carbon
Feng He NSFC 01/2013 12/2016 55
 Research on Clustering-oriented Dictionary
 Learning and High Dimensional Data
 Clustering via Sparse Representation
Sen Wu NSFC 01/2013 12/2016 54
 The formation, evolution and governance
 mechanisms of Knowledge Service Network
 based on Agile Supply Chain
Daoping Wang NSFC 01/2012 12/2015 45
 Optimization of China's iron and steel
 industry low-carbon production mode based
 on dynamic systems theory
Qun Zhang NSFC 01/2012 12/2015 42
 Uncertain multinational capital budgeting Xiaoxia Huang NSFC 01/2012 12/2015 42
 Study on Product-community Co-evolution
 Model and the Evolution Mechanism of Mass
 Collaborative Product Design
Xiaodong Zhang NSFC 01/2012 12/2015 40
 A study on industry's security of  China
 based on economic globalization
Weida He NSSFC 11/2010 12/2013 70
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