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1. Financial Engineering Lab
The Financial Engineering Lab is founded in 2004 with the building area of 100 square meters, and it’s equipped with 40 sets of servers, computers, and switches. The lab installs various simulation software of bank, securities, insurance and other related financial services, include one important teaching software called “USTB Financial Engineering Teaching Software”, which can be used to identify and monitor portfolio risk. The lab not only undertake the teaching task for the major of financial engineering, but also responsible for financial courses of other majors. The main courses undertook include “investment portfolio and risk management”, “the principles of financial engineering” and “time series analysis”, and the relevant experiments include “financial product pricing “and “business process of commercial bank”.
2. Information Management & Information System Lab
Based on the specialized knowledge and occupational skills required after student’s graduation, the Information Management & Information System Lab provides 6 types of professional experiments: 1. Network platform 2. Installation, configuration and maintenance of server unit 3. Implementation of calculating model 4. Understanding of corporate application system 5.Understanding of professional application system 6.Information system analysis. The lab not only undertake the professional experiments for the major of Information Management and Information System, but also responsible for courses of other majors. The main courses undertook include Management Information System, and Principles & Practice of Management & Office Automation, which are taken by students from the majors of International Trade, Business Administration, Financial Accounting, and Financial Engineering. The total number of students that the lab serves for exceeds 1500 every year.
3. Marketing Competition Simulation Lab
The Marketing Competition Simulation Lab is founded in the year of 2001, and mainly undertake the experimental curriculum of Marketing Competition Simulation that required for the major of Business Administration. With the help of teachers, the students would compose a decision-making team, and applied their theoretical knowledge to the practice of marketing competition through the utilization of applied computing and simulation technology provided by the lab. By making dynamic decision in fields of marketing, production, supplies, personnel and finance, they are aimed to increase the efficiency of corporation and then win out from the marketing competition.
4. Accounting Simulation Lab
The Accounting Simulation Lab is founded in 2001 with the building area of 100 square meters. The lab owns 38 sets of servers, computers, and switches, and is equipped with facilities such as manual simulation operational console, visual laser, and filing cabinet. The computerized accounting and related devices was introduced in the year of 2005. With years of development, the lab has become an important practice and experimental platform for the curriculum of Principles of Accounting Practice and Computerized Accounting & Practice that are required for the major of Accounting. Teaching courseware, multimedia presentation, and physical display all can be carried out here. The related software include financial accounting& accounting calculation, multimedia presentation system of manual accounting practice, management accounting, computer auditing, risk management, and the basic database of listed companies. The introduction of simulation software promotes the teaching effects of accounting by the way of integrating theory and practice.
5. Stock Simulation Lab
The Stock Simulation Lab is founded in 2001 with building area of 100 square meters, and is well equipped with 50 sets of servers, computers, satellite receiving system and large electrical screen. The lab can provide a simulation transaction platform with real-time quotes of stock and futures, and it also undertake teaching task for the courses of Security Analysis and Investment, Financial Analysis, Technical Analysis and also the curriculum of China Stock Markets that is an optional course for 16 schools in Xueyuan Road. The experiments mainly involved are Stock Simulation Operation and Analyzing Market of Stock Index Future, etc. Besides undertaking the teaching task of the SEM, the lab also serves for 16 colleges and universities in Xueyuan Road. The lab’s serving time averagely reached 60,000 hours every year, and serves for almost 20,000 person-time every year, which means the lab do provide a good environment for scientific research.
6. Computer Application Lab
The Computer Application Lab is open to public use in the year of 2000 with the area of 100 square meters. It presently owns 80 sets of servers, computers and switches, and with complete equipment. The lab mainly serves for the computer application courses that are required for undergraduate of SEM. A series of specialty software such as SPSS, SAS and Project were installed, which support the curriculum of Power Builder Application Technology, Development and Practice of Information System, Principles of Database, and Modern Communication Technology. The lab is open to teachers and students of whole school, and provides a powerful support for teaching task and scientific research of the SEM.
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