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Complex System Prognostics and Management Institute
1. Introduction

Based on applying the theory of Statistics and Reliable Mathematics, the Complex System Prognostics and Management Institute mainly engaged in the study of system health assessment and remaining life prognostication, production planning and maintenance management, spare parts management system, and seminar in corporate practices.

In addition, the institute also undertook the theory and practice research about population health management, which was an effective tool on monitoring, prognosticating, and controlling the influence factors of public health. On the basis of investigation and clinical data, the institute proposed the monitoring model on public health and care, the health risk analysis model, and the health assessment & prognostication model, which provided important theoretical support for government’s policy-making on medical aspect and public health management.

Research projects undertaken currently include:
[1]  Prognostics and prognostic-based complex engineering system health management, Key Project Funded by National Science Foundation of China, 2013-2017, 71231001, 2.5 million RMBs.
[2]  Complex engineering system maintenance and spare parts management, Key Fund Project for Central Universities Scientific Research, 2013, FRF-MP-13-009A, 100 thousand RMBs.
[3] Reliability of warm standby systems under imperfect fault coverage, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation,2013-2014,2013M530531, 50 thousand RMBs.
2. Person in charge

  Name:      Wenbin Wang  (professor)
  Position:   Dean of Donlinks School of Economics and Management
  Tel:            +(86) 8237 2744
  Office:       Room 816 SEM Building

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