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Electronic Commerce Institute

1. Introduction

The Electronic Commerce Institute mainly engaged in domains such as Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management, and aims to the study of production planning and scheduling, sales management, purchasing management, network engineering and other core technology research and software implementation.

The academic staffs of this institute published a series of papers, which promote the formation of manufacturing execution system (MES) of steel enterprise and the establishment of enterprise information security system. In engineering application, a series of application software system was developed based on some research achievement, gradually forming a set of solutions about MES, sales management system and equipment management system. At the same time, the institute also paid much attention to the key technology research and application software development of enterprise management system in e-commerce environment.

2. Person in charge

  Name:      Tieke Li  (professor)
  Position:   Director of Management Science and Engineering Department
  Tel:            +(86) 6233 3733
  Office:       Room 926 SEM Building
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