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Enterprise Economic Development Institute
1. Introduction

The Enterprise Economic Development Institute, a non-profit academic research and extension services approved by University of Science and Technology Beijing, aims to study the theory and practice of enterprise and industry development. For example, the institutional innovation of enterprise and industry, corporate governance structure, enterprise strategy management, industrial security evaluation and industrial competitiveness analysis.

On 30 October 2006, the professor He Weida from this institute participated in an international academic seminar of re-engineering project for China’s steel enterprise that held by IBC Singapore, where he gave a keynote speech of the opportunities and challenges faced by private enterprise in China's steel industry transformation, and received praise and affirmation from the participating experts.

2. Person in charge
  Name:      Weida He  (professor)
  Position:   Director of Economics and Trade Department
  Tel:            +(86) 8237 5213
  Office:       Room 925 SEM Building


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