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Low-Carbon Economic Center
1. Introduction

Based on the preponderant disciplines of school, the research base of low-carbon operating strategy for Beijing enterprises was established in Sep. 2012 and now has become a public policy think tank for building “green Beijing” and promoting city’s low-carbon process. The research base mainly involves in following research fields: (1) By studying technological process and management technology of enterprise, and learning from developed countries' advanced experience on  low-carbon operation, the evaluation index system of carbon emission was established, which aims to reduce carbon emission and improve carbon using efficiency. (2) By studying the green operation chains of Beijing's public services to realize low-consumption, low-emission, low-cost and high efficiency public service and the optimized deployment of public resources. (3) By studying low-carbon culture of Beijing enterprise and low-carbon behavior of citizens, the probability of building low-carbon communities is to be analyzed, which aims to make low-carbon life become a fashionable and popular life style in the whole society.

The base is conducted and managed by committee of experts, who is in charge of putting forward development planning, research areas, and major programs, and three base heads, who are responsible for the daily administration.

For now, the total number of various research programs that were undertaken and finished by the base has reached 10, including two National Science Foundation of China(NSFC), which are the research of low-carbon operating mode of iron and steel, and the research of the development planning of China's rare earth industry, three basic scientific researches, which are the sustainable development of mineral resources , the low-carbon operating mode of Beijing's cement enterprise and the management and control on the low-carbon operating cost for Beijing's cement enterprise.

The academic staff from this base have published almost 20 academic papers in high-level academic journals, of which 10 papers were included in Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) and 8 papers were included in Engineering Index (EI). In 2012, the base held a seminar about the risk response of China’s iron and steel industry. In 2013, the base organized and held a symposium about the development of China’s rare earth industry, which requires national ministries and scholars from well-known research institutes to discuss the development strategy of China’s rare earth industry.

2. Person in charge   Name:      Qun Zhang  (professor)
  Tel:            +(86) 6233 2637
  Office:       Room 1012 SEM Building


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