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MOE Engineering Center

1. Introduction

The MOE Engineering Center of Steel MES(Manufacturing Execution System) integrated talents, Labs, University-enterprise cooperative organizations, abundant experience of engineering project and other superior resources, which come from advantageous subjects of USTB, like Metallurgical Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, Logistics Engineering, and Computer Science & Technology. The total investment on projects of this center has reached 22 million yuan of RMBs. In China, it has become the innovation and development center of iron and steel MES, demonstrative radiation center for new achievement transformation, training center for professional personnel.

In the field of advanced manufacturing technology and management of iron and steel enterprise, the MOE Engineering Center owns a high-efficiency work team who devote to the study of system research & development and engineering application, and also make a lot achievement in the field of Production Planning and Scheduling(PPS), Advanced Planning Scheduling(APS), Manufacturing Execution System(MES), Quality Management (QM) and Logistics Management(LM).

For now, the center focuses on the research of new technology exploration and innovation, core technology development, and engineering application of mature technology, which belongs to the domains of integrated steel production planning and scheduling optimization techniques, the comprehensive control technology on steel production and logistics, factory data modeling and analysis technology, and modular software development technology.

2. Person in charge

  Name:      Tieke Li  (professor)
  Position:   Director of Management Science and Engineering Department
  Tel:            +(86) 6233 3733
  Office:       Room 926 SEM Building


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