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Technology Economics and Management
1. Introduction
This major integrates the disciplines of technological economics and management, and make studies from the view of economics. The research objects are technological economy, project investment, finance and risk evaluation. By analyzing the economic effects of various technical solutions or proposals, which will be adopted in the process of social reproduction, the theoretical foundation and feasibility report would be provided for corporation and government’s engineering projects, investment planning and resource utilization, etc.
Research fields: regional economy, project management, investment project evaluation and technical innovation management.
Postgraduate students of this major will be granted management master degree after 2 year’s study if all evaluation passed.
2. Educational Objectives
Students who got the economics master degree for this major should have solid theoretical foundation and systematical specific knowledge in technology economics and management. Based on the study of technology economics, project investment and risk assessment, this discipline provides theoretical basis for feasibility analysis of engineering project, risk evaluation of financial and enquiry agencies, investment planning and resource management. The postgraduates from this major shall be competent to conduct scientific research or undertake economic management work in government departments or enterprises.
3. Credit Requirement and Curriculum
The minimum course credit for postgraduate students is 26 including at least 6 credits of curriculums with the number starting with six (See the following chart).
For those postgraduate students whose bachelor degree is not management, they should additionally learn following two courses: Principles of Management and Applied Statistics. Students who passed the examinations would get relevant course credits.
            Chart: The Curriculums for Postgraduate Students in Technical Economics and Management
4. Degree Paper
The requirements for master degree papers of this discipline comply with the related provisions in “General Rules for Postgraduate Training Program of USTB” and “Thesis Defense and Application for Master Degree of USTB”.
The postgraduate students of this discipline should submit at least one thesis which has been published in national academic seminar or national academic journal to Thesis Supervisory Committee before the official dissertation defense. The time interval between the approval of topic-selecting reports and the thesis defense should be no less than 32 weeks.
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