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1. Introduction 
The master of professional accounting is designed for undergraduates from different majors, who are interested in doing accounting jobs in enterprise and have some knowledge in finance and accounting management. Providing education with both theory and practice, we aim to cultivate ethic and civilized students with proficient knowledge and skills of finance, accounting and taxation in enterprise management, who can devote themselves to the economic and social development of the country.
2. Educational Objective 
The main objective of this degree for Master of professional accounting is to cultivate high-level practical talents needed by the development of socialist market economy. The holder of the degree should have awareness of the ethics and law; a systematic mastery of the knowledge and skills in modern accounting, auditing, finance management, and related subjects; a comprehensive understanding of the domestic and international trends in finance and accounting jobs besides the new concepts in modern finance and accounting management; the ability to analyze and solve practical management problems in finance, accounting, auditing, and taxation; and the competence to take the intermediate/senior management positions in finance and accounting and to supervise work in different kinds of enterprises.
 3. Duration and Credit Requirement
According to the USTB guideline of graduate education and the rules of national education steering committee for masters in accounting, the duration for master in accounting is 2 years. The study in school generally lasts 2 to 3 years and the maximum length of study is 5 years. The minimum credits required is 40.

4. Curriculum Schedule

Category Course No. Course Title Hours Credit Term Remarks
Public Compulsory 5080001  Theory and Practice of Scientific Socialism 32 2 1 Compulsory for Masters
5090010  English for Postgraduate Students 64 3 1
Discipline-based courses 5073325  Theory and Practice for High-level Financial
48 3 1 Compulsory
5073335  Theory and Practice for High-level Management
48 3 1
5073343  Theory and Practice for High-level Financial
48 3 1
5073345  Theory and Practice for High-level Auditing 48 3 2
5073533  Applied Statistics 32 2 1
5073637  Management 32 2 1
Discipline Specialized Courses 5073311  Financial Report Analysis 32 2 2 Optional
5073312  Commercial and Accounting Ethics 32 2 1
5073334  Enterprise Tax Planning 32 2 1
5073336  Theory and Practice for Internal Control 32 2 2
5073303  Master Thesis Writing and Research Design for
16 1 2
5073313  Accounting for Government and Non-profit-
 making Organizations
32 2 2
5073326  Risk Management 32 2 2
5073344  Enterprise Acquisition and Restructuring 32 2 1
5073346  International Accounting Norms 32 2 2
5073534  Investment 32 2 2
5073142  Quantitative Decision Analysis 32 2 1
5073212  Enterprise Strategic Management 32 2 1
5073225  Human Resourse Management 32 2 2
5073523  Financial Market and Financial Institutions 32 2 2
5073623  Enterprise Legal Practice 32 2 2
Remedial Courses 5073244  Introduction of Management 16 1 1    For candidates
   whose bachelor is
   not economics &
5073335  Introduction of Accounting 16 1 1
5073638  Introduction of Economics 16 1 1

5. Professional practice

Professional practice is compulsory according to the General Rules for Postgraduate Training Program of USTB, which occupies 4 credits.
6. Scientific research and dissertation for master’s degree
The relevant provisions in General Rules for Postgraduate Training Program of USTB and Master’s Degree Application & Conferred of USTB are followed.
Dissertation for MPAcc can be an innovative monographic study, a high-level survey on a topic, a diagnosis report of a specific enterprise, or a complicated case study. The dissertation is evaluated from the candidate’s ability to solve practical problems with knowledge, the novelty of the work, and its practical impact.
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