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Management Science and Engineering
1.Educational Objectives
The doctoral students of this major should seek a comprehensive development in moral, intellectual and physical aspects with an aggressive spirit and rigorous, truth-seeking academic styles. The students who got a Ph.D. of this discipline should have solid theoretical foundation and systematical specific knowledge in management and economics, systematically and profoundly knowing about the present situation, leading edge and future tendency of this discipline. The proficiency in English and well-trained speaking & writing ability are also required. They must possess the ability to do scientific research alone and make creative and innovative achievements in science or in a special technology.
The doctoral students of this major will be granted Ph.D. in management if all evaluation passed.

2.Program Duration
3-5 years, with no less than 36 months learning in school
3.Credit requirement and Curriculum
Every Ph.D. candidate should obtain at least 18 credits, including 10 credits for compulsory courses.
            Chart: curriculum schedule for Ph.D. candidates in Management Science and Engineering
4. Academic Activities
Please refer to the relevant provisions in General Rules for Postgraduate Training Program of USTB.
5. Academic Dissertation
The requirements for doctoral dissertation comply with the related provisions in “General Rules for Postgraduate Training Program of USTB” and “Thesis Defense and Application for Doctoral Degree of USTB”.
Every candidate should submit at least two papers published in core journals or important academic journals approved by Academic Degree Evaluation Subcommittee before the official dissertation defense.
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