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Business Administration
The guiding ideology of “liberal education” is implemented in the program, which gives birth to compound management personnel who have mastered fundamental theories, skills and great ability in practice and adaptation. Students in this major will learn the basics of economics, accounting and business administration as well as others and receive the basic training of business administration in both theory and skill.
The program is open to students both of Arts and of Science, but a good mathematical foundation is required for Arts students.It’s a 4-year program for undergraduate students.
Educational Objectives
The program aims to cultivate high-level managerial professionals with ability and knowledge in areas including management, economics, law and business management, who are competent to be engaged in managing, teaching & research in enterprises, public institutions and government departments.
Learning Goals
Students will learn fundamental theories and knowledge in management, economics and business administration and receive the basic training of business administration in both theory and skill, being capable of analyzing and solving enterprise management problems.
Learning Outcomes
1. Master the fundamental theories of management and economics as well as the principle of modern enterprise management.
2. Grasp qualitative analytical method and quantitative analytical methods of enterprise management.
3. Be competent in language expression, communication, analyzing and solving managerial problems for enterprises.
4. Be familiar with China’s relevant guidelines, policies and regulations in enterprise management and the international rules and practices of international enterprise management.
5. Keep informed of theoretical advances and the latest development of the field.
6. Grasp the methods of retrieving documents and materials and have the ability to do initial scientific research and pragmatic work.
The department has 21 academic staffs, among which there are 6 professors (5 doctoral supervisors), 11 associate professors and 4 lecturers.
Management Science, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Management Information System, Statistics, Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, Economic Law, Operation Management, Human Resources Management and Strategic Management of Enterprises.
Include curricular practical training and graduation field work. Generally lasts for 10 to 12 weeks.
Professional Practice
Mathematical Experiment,Chemical and Social Experiment,Computer Experiments, Introduction of Computer Technology, FoxPro and Basics of its Application, Management Information System, Project Evaluation and Management, Marketing Competition Simulation, C Language Programming, Statistical Data Processing Technique, and Database Principles.
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