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Faculty Code of Conduct

The following version of the Faculty Code of Conduct only includes the basic contents of the handbook. It is reduced for the use of website, the detailed contents are confidential and can only being disclosed to faculty and staff within the SEM and the USTB,  and organizations and peoples who are authorized as needed because the incentive salary and policy for the research awards, etc. are sensitive and are related to the SEM’s strategic plan.

Faculty Code of Conduct

As members of the SEM community, all faculty and staffs are responsible for sustaining the highest ethical standards of the school, the USTB and of the broader community in which we serve. As an educational practitioner, all faculty/staff members need to obey the USTB and the SEM’s rules and follow the procedures. It is the faculty members’ top priority to educate students with quality work. The faculty needs to conduct teaching and research according to the university and the school’s mission, vision and other detailed requirements. The following codes are the fundamental requirements for our faculty to obey (if some of the rules are contradictory with the ones of the university, the university’s rules should overwrite the ones of the school). Please read the rules carefully and use them as references when conducting daily assignments. For the ones who perform outstanding, the SEM has award policy to encourage positive behaviour, for the ones who fail to follow the codes; the SEM has several levels of punishment accordingly.
Part 1 Fundamental Requirement
1.1 Basic Requirement
1.1.1 Class Requirement
1.1.2 Class Material Development
1.1.3  Research
1.1.4  Outside Part-Time Job
1.1.5  Others Requirements
1.2 Reward Policy
1.3 Accident Policy
Part 2 Group Activities Requirements
2.1 School Level Group Activities
2.1.1 School Level Group Activity Reports
2.1.2 Vacation and On Leave
2.1.3 Treatments
2.2 Department Level Activities
Part 3 Research Reward Policy
In order to encourage the faculty member’s research enthusiasm, the SEM has the following research reward policies:
3.1 Scope and Object
3.2 Levels and the Incentive Amount
3.3 Detailed Incentive Process

Part 4 Funding Support for National Level Grants
4.1 Purpose
4.2 Methods

Part 5 Funding Support for Young Faculty’s Publication
In order to encourage and help the young faulty member to develop their research and publications, the SEM has a set of subsidiary and rewards that only the young faculty can apply.

Part 6 Funding Support for Teaching and Research Activities
6.1 Scope and Requirements
6.2 Ways of Supports
6.3 Ways of Reimbursement

Part 7 Research Funding, Teaching and Research Management
7.1 Method
7.2 Purpose

Part 8 Faculty Continuous Development Policy
8.1 Faculty Seeking for PhD. Degree
8.2 Staff seeking for PhD

Part 9 Faculty Research Requirement
In order to sustain the SEM’s research quality the SEM has the following basic requirement for faculty’s research and publication.
9.1 Scientific Research
9.2 Publications
9.3 Others

Part 10 Funding Support for Faculty Book Publication
In order to sustain the SEM’s research quality the SEM has the following supports for faculty’s publication of books.
10.1 Scope and Procedures
10.2 Ways of Support

Part 11 Policy on Rank and Salary
11.1 Basic information of the performance review
The SEM follows the USTB’s general procedure and review the faculty/staff’s performance at the end of each year.
11.2 Ways of performance review

Part 12 Vacation and Leave Policy

Appendix 1  Classification of Periodicals
ABS—Association of Business Schools, JCR---Journal Citation Report
Appendix 2  Publisher of Excellent Textbooks


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