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About Diversity

The SEM defines diversity as differences among individuals based on ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, language, experiences and geographical area. China is a large country with the largest population in the world. We strive to keep a balanced student profile which includes domestic students from different ethnic groups and international students from all over the world. Currently, we have 6.98% of minority students which including Man Meng,Hui,Uyghur,Tibetan,etc. ethnic groups. Located in Beijing, the SEM is one of the most favorite places for international students. The SEM is one of the top schools that admit more international students than other universities. Currently the international students account for about 12.50% of the total students. The SEM has no bias on the students’ family economic situation. Rather, the SEM provides many scholarships, student aids and temporary campus jobs for the students from low-income families. The SEM accepts both male and female students and has no bias on admission. The SEM actually has more female students than male students. Currently, the female students take up 57.91%. The SEM values your experience and backgrounds. Your previous study, work and life experiences are so valuable to us. Your diverse backgrounds will help share the SEM a rich cultural atmosphere and also will let you experience a colorful life journey here.
The SEM welcomes you! 

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