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International Programs

In 2002, USTB and University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) of the U.S. jointly developed an EMBA Master Program with the official approval of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the State Council Academic Degrees Committee.
The UTA has stood for over hundred years in U.S., made seven Nobel Prize winners and hundreds of academicians. Its subordinate business school at Arlington is one of the most famous business schools in America. This program passed on-site certification conducted by SACS (Southern Association of colleges and Schools of U.S.) in Beijing in August 2004, and was the first domestic degree program which was directly certificated on site by certificate authority of American university. The UTA and the USTB jointly awarded American EMBA master degree, which is completely the same with that awarded in America. It’s also an official and effective degree issued in China with the approval of government, and every degree certification will obtain identification of Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) of the Ministry of Education.
The professors from American side for this program are all with Ph.D. degrees of famous universities and rank top in their research field. Many of them served as part-time consultants in global 500 companies, and have rich practical experiences of management and enterprise resources. Besides the strong academic achievements, they published many monographs, of which many are main textbooks and classic teaching materials in the USA even the world. While excellent faculty was sent by American side, we also assigned instructors to assist them in class for ensuring the best learning outcome could be achieved. The Chinese American professors normally have a better understanding on China’s specific conditions and can bridge the cultural differences. Therefore, multi-solutions of management issues can be provided in an international manner.
As the largest China-US cooperative EMBA program in China at present, alumni troop of this EMBA expands quickly since its launch in 2002, reaching almost 2,000 persons in ten years, who are all elites and successful ones in various industries. Among the students, many of them are not only elites from the world top 500 companies, but also senior managers from large-scale national enterprises. The proportion of managers from well-known enterprises among students is higher than any other similar programs. It has become a base to train business leaders who can see the world clearly and have excellent management skills.


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