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【Apply Notice】 2015 Year Master Degree Program of Information System Management
TIME:2014-10-11 16:18
According to the inter-university agreement between our school and Universite Sciences Sociales Toulous France, now some information about apply notice for master degree program of Information system management in Universite Sciences Sociales Toulous France was given as followings:

1. Application Requirements:
1) 2011-grade undergraduate in University of Science and Technology Beijing
2) Economics & Management Major including: Information Management and Information System, Business Administration International Economics and Trade, Accounting, Finance Engineering, Engineering Management.
3) Excellent academic record, with weighted average scores at least 80.
4) CET4 scores should be more than 450. 
2. Project Instruction:
Related curriculums were instructed in French language. Students who attended the program will receive French training with one year, then pass the interview of Universite Sciences Sociales Toulous France and TEF Examination. The formal study in Information Management System major begins second and third year. Master degree in Universite Sciences Sociales Toulous France will be awarded when studies completed. 
3. Application Process:
1) Online application:  (before the day of 2014/10/30)
2) Materials necessary : see application form in website
3) Materials submit: International Office 111 room, before 5 p.m. 31th Oct.

About specific fees and more details about Universite Sciences Sociales Toulous France, please visit
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