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SEM builds up Business Elites Team
TIME:2014-12-01 10:25

Through the way of mobilization and volunteer, Youth League Committee of Donlinks School of Economics and Management select 112 students out to establish a business elites team, who will become pioneers for student’s career practice, by taking advantage of fifteenth campus entrepreneur competition. 

The business elite team include 31 MBA students, 2 ductal candidates, 14 Postgraduates and 65 Undergraduates. The training activities for the team is managed by the way of Training Camp and developed in form of 1335 System. “1” means a core concept that is to cultivate business elites with innovation consciousness, creative spirit and entrepreneur quality. “3” means three training orientations to CEO, COO and CFO. “3” can also stand three cultivation modules including knowledge, training and practice, which respectively focus on the training of business thinking, the competition training and internship experience in corporations. “5” is the carrier of five forms which are Entrepreneurship Competition, lectures of frontier, entrepreneur communication, enterprise cognition and alumni mentoring.

The cultivating activities for business elites team begins on 9th Dec. and the careering guidance teacher Deng Lizhi will make trainings about competition topic selecting. In addition, the SEM will cooperate with youth league committee from School of Computer & Communication Engineering and School of Automation to develop activities on promoting internet business program and artificial intelligence business program. At the same time, the famous economist Li Yining’s inscription of “starting a business is never late and limited” is selected by SEM committee as the theme of activities on publicizing and promoting entrepreneurial enthusiasm among teachers and students. 

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