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Another MBA Zhi Yuan Forum
TIME:2015-12-09 17:40

At 16:40 on October 18th, the second MBA Zhi Yuan Forum was on stage at Room 405. Themed in “Technological Innovation is the Foundation of ‘Double Innovation’”,the forum boasted alumni Wang Shengjiang as the keynote speaker who presented an exceptional lecture for the attended MBA graduate students.
Opened with introduction to his years’ experience for starting a business, he told his stories one by one. Having been a marketing vice-president of SOHO, responsible for sales, markets, credit and management of marketing system, he broke the sale record of China’s commercial real estate in two consecutive years. After resignation, cooperated with Hong Tai Fund created by the CAAC and Sheng Xitai, he set up NewSpace - Hong Tai Innovation Space. Through many exchanges opportunities such as integrating service providers of industrial and commercial tax laws, course directors from famous tutors in various industries, meetings attended by senior investors, Hong Tai Afternoon Tea for exchange experience for innovation, free video resource for promoting pioneering enterprises, it created a novel channel of starting a business and was landed in Wang Jing. It became an industry benchmark in a month.
Wang Shengjiang interpreted traps in starting a technology-oriented business. He also explained that how Top 500 enterprises such as Microsoft, Apple and famous domestic enterprises such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and MI seized opportunities in innovation and pursued quality of products. His speech also included the essence of technology crowd-funding and starting a business on the internet, innovation thinking mode in double innovation era. He shared the differences between setting up businesses for survival and for investment with students, presented the novel operating ways in NewSpace, which benefited students a lot. At last, he suggested and encouraged MBA students to seize opportunities in the key period for China’s upgrading its economy, realizing their value through starting business.
MBA center of the USTB hosted this forum, in which teachers such as director Lou Yuan from MBA center, Huang Ying, Pei Lifang - teachers in charge of MBA class as well as over 120 MBA students participated.

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