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“Economics and Management Entrepreneurship Practice Camp” Team Communication was Successfully Held
TIME:2017-05-15 10:02

At 6.30 p.m. on May 8th, “Economics and Management Entrepreneurship Practice Camp” Team Communication was held in Room 1205. Participants included Ya Wen, School’s Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, School’s Public Relations Office Director Yifang Qin, Secretary of Youth League Committee Xuan Su, Angel Investor Min Jiang, and excellent students from previous camp event. Four teams’ members included Hexin Youth Public Service, Daile Technology Co., Ltd. attended the communication meeting.
Camp participants signed agreement before the communication conference, Donlinks’ Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Ya Wen showed warm welcome to the participants, interpreted the agreement and explained the precautions, she also encouraged students to try and work hard.

Next, excellent students shared their entrepreneurship experience, they mainly talked about the difficulties in the process of entrepreneurship, told entrepreneurs must seized opportunities brought by the environmental changes, also need to keep a good mind, and find unique ways to open new market.

Then, each team leaders gave a simple description on their own products, conducted targeted questions such as how to broaden the consumers and how to attract investments. Senior students gave the appropriate answers and provided some new ideas for team leaders.

The third “Economics and Management Entrepreneurship Practice Camp” communication meeting was perfectly ended. The entrepreneurial team leaders had received valuable advice from teachers and seniors, the new development ideas and inspiration may have a positive impact on their future development projects.

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