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“Annual Forum of Donlinks 2017 the USTB” was Successful Held
TIME:2017-05-22 09:36
From “made” to “intelligent manufacturing”: Innovation and Challenge
2017 will be the key year of fully implement the "China-made 2025 strategy". On May 20th at 9.30 a.m., sponsored by Donlinks School of Economics and Management of the USTB, jointly hosted by School’s Public Relations Office, Student Affairs Office, and the USTB MBA alumni representatives. Donlinks of the USTB 2017 Annual Forum with the theme of “From ‘made’ to ‘intelligent manufacturing’: Innovation and Challenge” was launched in USTB’s faculty auditorium. The forum was focused on Chinese manufacturing industry, discussed Chinese manufacturing transformation and upgrading, innovation-driven strategy, intelligent manufacturing, integration of informatization and industrialization, green manufacturing and other issues.
USTB’s President Xinxin Zhang, University’s Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Weicai Wang, School’s Alumni, USTB’s MBA alumni representatives was invited and attended this activity. School’s leaders, teachers, part of graduate students and undergraduate students, and all 2017 MBA new students totally 400 people participated this forum.
2017 Annual Forum was officially began at 9.30 a.m. Invited guests including Mr. Heyi Xu, Baic Group’s Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman and School’s 78 alumnus; Mr. Xiaoyong Wang, China International Chamber of Commerce for Private Sector’s Deputy Secretary, Secretary of China-Africa Business Council, School’s 87 alumnus, Mr. Zhimin Miao, Deputy Director General of Raw Material Industry Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 85 alumnus, Mr. Yuxin Xiao, our school’s 84 alumnus, Head of Operation Improvement Department in Baowu Steel Group Corporation Limited Shanghai Baosight Software Corporation Limited, and Ph D. Supervisor of Department of Science and Engineering at Donlinks School of Economics and Management, Professor Xuedong Gao.
The forum was hosted by School’s Secretary of the Party Committee Shufen Dai, and alumnus Xiaoyong Wang. 

Dean Xiangbin Yan gave a welcome speech. Dean Yan expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to guests and alumni on behalf of the School, and pointed that China is the veritable manufacturing country, but innovation needs to be improved, hence, universities’ faculty and students must take a leading role to achieve the transformation from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”. Dean Yan also confirmed achievements gained by School’s recently development, and proposed vision for the future development.

Xinxin Zhang, the President of University of Science and Technology Beijing said the annual forum of Donlinks was a classic event of our School, he hoped this event could be more unique. Besides, President Zhang also pointed out that in the new five-year plan, China needed transformation from “made” to “intelligent manufacturing”, meanwhile, our university was also faced a major opportunity and challenge, take the path of innovation and intelligence was the victory to our school.

Alumnus Heyi Xu made a speech on “From China ‘Made’ to China ‘Intelligent Manufacturing’ the Road of Innovation and Development”. Firstly, he shared his campus life in USTB, and four years of undergraduate time was the most far-reaching impact on his own, alma mater not only provided knowledge, but also had a significant impact on fostered morally sound values and outlook on the life. Then, Mr. Xu analyzed the necessity and development direction of the manufacturing industry from "manufacturing" to "intellectual making" from the three perspectives included national, industry and corporation. From the national point of view, Chinese manufacturing capacity for independent innovation should be improved, the upgrading of demand is the fundamental driving force to enhance industrial competitiveness. From the development of China's auto industry, we faced with the lack of high-end technology innovation capacity, the core sector of the industry system was relatively weak, the industrial chain collaborative development needs to be optimized. Chinese auto brand should actively invest in new technologies, relied on the rapid iteration of automotive products into the smart era. From the perspective of Baic Group, currently it was on the second venture, which was innovated and explored in a motorized, intelligent, and networked direction, and strived to became the model leader in the field of automobile manufacturing technology trends and business.

The guests discuss session was hosted by Xiaoyong Wang, alumni included Heyi Xu, Zhimin Miao, Xinyu Xiao, and Professor Xuedong Gao had an in-depth discussion around the forum theme. Zhimin Miao demonstrated the planning issues of intelligent manufacturing, and indicated various types of planning policies of China. Xinyu Xiao shared his own experience from the university to the corporation, and efforts in innovation aspect done by Baowu Steel Group Corporation Limited. Professor Gao proposed to take large data thinking to look at and solved problems. During the interaction process, students presented several questions, included the application of intelligent robot in traditional industry, unemployment and re-employment in the background of artificial intelligence, and the forecast of ‘Internet of Everything’. Our guests gave the answers and suggestions patiently.

In the end, School’s Secretary of the Party Committee Shufen Dai summarized that teachers and students enjoyed great benefit of today’s forum. Donlinks has always serves the industry, and serves the country. Our School will hold more activities to enrich alumni’s communication, and serve our teachers and students.

The academy annual forum lasted nearly three hours in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, and it was full of wisdom sharing. Every session of the forum was all welcomed by audience, they have felt a kind of ideological baptism, and have different degrees of thinking on upgrading of traditional industry and development of intelligent future.
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