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Career Development

The SEM pays great attention to students’ career development. The career development office provides several layers of services to students. The office helps the students to plan their career based on the needs from both the students and employers. The services that are provided by the career development office are listed below:

1. Invite senior professionals and managers to the SEM to present career trend, employer needs and interview skills.
2. Do mock interviews.
3. Work with industry partners to organize career fair, internships, etc. For example there were 4 MBA full-time students did a 6 months internship in the Chaoyang district government in Beijing.
4. Arrange the MBA students to take the core modules in various consulting companies.
5. Meet entrepreneurs to learn their entrepreneurship experience.
6. Organize tours to various companies to observe the frontline production processes.

In addition, various kinds of internet platform was also introduced to serve students’ employment better. Students can get real-time information of employment through twitter, instant messenger, and special career website.
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More details please call 6233-4295 ( Yifang Qin ), or email


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