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Prospective Students
1. The Donlinks School of Economics and Management at the University of Science and Technology Beijing (SEM) offers a full range of collegiate degree programs from four-year undergraduates to doctorates in various business and management programs as in below Table. The SEM enrolls approximately 1,800 undergraduates and 1,600 graduate students (MBA, masters & PhD).
Program Types Degree Types Majors Year of Creation
Bachelor Degree Programs  Bachelor of Management  Information Management and Information System 1981
 Accounting 1991
 Business Administration 1994
 Engineering Management 2008
 Bachelor of Economics  International Trade and Economics 1993
 Finance 2003
Academic Master Programs  Master of Management  Enterprise Management 1996
 Management Science and Engineering 1984
 Accounting 2002
 Technology Economics and Management 2004
 Master of Economics  Financial Management Engineering 2004
 International Trade 2004
 Industrial Economics 2007
Professional Master Programs  Master of Management  MBA 1998
 EMBA 2009
 Master of Accounting  MPAcc 2010
 Engineering Master  Industrial Engineering 1999
 Project Management 2005
Doctoral Programs  Doctor of Management  Management Science and Engineering 2002
 Enterprise Management 2007
 Accounting 2012
 Technology Economics and Management 2012

2. Why Donlinks School of Economics and Management?
Here you belong to a “211” Project University, a Research Oriented community, top ranked programs, and an amazing life in Xueyuan Road in the capital of Beijing. The beauty of a school is broad, global, and well-respected. You can find your fit and then challenge yourself at the SEM.
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