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Student Code of Conduct

In order to promote USTB’s international cooperation and exchanges, and to safeguard the welfare of international students, we have drawn up the following regulations, based on “Regulations for International Students in Colleges and Universities” (Ministry of Education order No.9, The People’s Republic of China).

Academic Affairs
I. Registration
1. Freshmen must register at the International Students Office on time and go through the relevant procedures for which they will need their Letter of Admission and Visa or Residence Application Form. International students who cannot arrive within the specified dates for good reason must apply for leave in advance and state their reasons and the length of time they will be absent in order to secure the approval of the International Students Office. Otherwise they will not qualify for enrolment.
2. After their entry, freshmen must submit a Physical Examination Record for Foreigners to the Beijing International Healthcare Center to have it verified and obtain a Certificate of Verification. If no proof of health can be provided or some items have not been checked, the student will need to undergo a health examination. If as a result of the examination he does not meet the health requirements, he cannot register and must go home at his own expense.
3. If a student’s record of physical examination meets the requirements, he must present his Certificate of Verification, his passport and his temporary residence certificate to the Division of Exit and Entry Administration of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to apply for a residence permit within 30 days of arrival. If this time limit is exceeded, a fine will be imposed in accordance with the relevant regulations.
4. International students other than freshmen should return to the university at the specified time to carry out registration procedures in the International Students Office. Students who are not qualified for registration or who fail to pay their tuition fees without permission will not be allowed to register. Students who do not register on time without applying for leave in advance will be considered to be absent without leave and may not be allowed to continue their studies.
5. Students who have not registered cannot enjoy the rights of registered students of the university.
6. Undergraduate students are generally not allowed to change their major. If a student wants to change his major or give up his studies, he must submit an application to the university and obtain its approval. If he is a government scholarship student, he should submit an application to the embassy of his native country in China before his embassy consults the China Scholarship Council. The university will go through procedures in accordance with the instructions of the China Scholarship Council. Changes of major will only be processed during the fist weeks of June and December. 
7. Chinese scholarship students must complete their studies within the specified time limit. If a student needs to extend his deadline, he must submit an application to the university. At the same time his embassy must submit an application to the China Scholarship Council to secure its approval. A student who changes his major, transfers to another university or extends his deadline without permission will lose the right to hold a Chinese scholarship.
8. Fees for international students.
(1) Chinese Government Scholarship students
For Chinese Government Scholarship students, their scholarships will be deposited into their accounts in the Bank of China every month by the Finance Office of USTB. On completion of their studies, their living allowances will be paid at the end of that month. When they go home during the winter and summer vacations, their living allowances will be paid as usual. For students who do not return on time, their living allowances after the deadline will be canceled. When a scholarship student suspends his studies, he will not receive living allowances until such time as he resumes his studies. Any scholarship student who gives up his studies or loses his qualification to study will lose all his benefits from that day. International Students are responsible for their own travel to and from China, or act according to their agreements.
(2) Self-financing students
Self-financing students must pay tuition fees in full before the school semester begins. Accommodation fees can be paid either in full at the start of the academic year or in two installments at the start of each semester. In special circumstances students may submit an application to pay accommodation fees late, but no later than the end of the first month, in which case 5% will be added to the fee. Students who drop out of school or who lose their qualification to study will not have their tuition fee returned. Students who enroll or resume their studies in the middle of the semester will be required to pay the fees for the whole semester.
II. Class Attendance
1. International students must attend all their classes, which will be scheduled on weekdays. They have the same holidays and vacations as Chinese students in accordance with the rules of the university. They are not entitled to take days off for important religious activities or festivals of their native countries, although they may ask for a leave on such occasions.
2. International students must attend lessons in accordance with requirements of the syllabus. For any justifiable absence, which may be for no longer than three days, they must ask for leave in advance and obtain the approval of the International Students Office. In case of illness, they must present a medical certificate. If they take a day’s sick leave without a medical certificate, they must first obtain the approval of the teacher.
3. Students who are absent from class without leave incur penalties in accordance with the rules of the university. Those who are absent for over 50 hours will be required to give up their studies.
4. International students must complete their studies continuously. Those who need to suspend their studies for justifiable reasons must submit an application in order to do so. Generally, a suspension of study is not granted for more than two years. Those students who obtain approval to suspend their studies must carry out the relevant procedures and leave the university within 15 days of receiving approval. The university will bear no responsibility for any accidents which happen during the period when their studies are suspended. Students who wish to apply to study in other universities during that period must first obtain approval for the suspension of their studies at USTB. 
5. When the period of suspension comes to an end, the student must submit an application for resumption of studies one month in advance. Those whose studies have been suspended due to sickness must send a health certificate by post to the International Students Office to prove their recovery from illness. After they arrive in China, they must undergo a physical examination at a designated hospital and obtain the approval of the International Students Office before they go through the resumption procedures. They will then resume their studies at an appropriate level in their major. International students may undertake part-time jobs at USTB but they are not permitted to take other part-time work. Those who contravene this regulation will receive an appropriate penalty, such as a warning, serious warning, recording of the demerit, probation and cancellation of their qualification to study.
III. Rewards and Punishments
1. Students who observe the rules and regulations of the university and achieve good results in their studies will be given commendations and awards. Those who violate USTB’s rules and regulations, damage public property, engage in fights or scuffles or are guilty of any other kind of misconduct will be subject to educational or disciplinary sanctions and required to pay compensation. Those who are guilty of serious breaches of the rules will lose the right to study at USTB.
2. Students who significantly enhance the standing of the university by helping others or by winning prizes will be given oral or written commendation, and may receive an award. 
3. Students who do not observe Chinese laws and regulations, endanger our national safety, destroy social order or do harm to others will be punished by the Public Security Bureau and judicial organizations. The university will impose disciplinary sanctions accordingly. 
IV. Assessment
1. International students must complete their studies within the time stipulated by the syllabus and take the appropriate exams. They must select courses online on time and their scores will be submitted online by their teachers.
2. Students who fail exams in compulsory courses or who are absent from those exams must take make-up exams. Students who are absent from make-up exams or cheat in any exams will receive no score for that course. 
3. If a student’s absence adds up to one third of the total credit hours of a course, or he hands in less than one third of the homework, he will be disqualified from taking the exam. Whether he gets the chance to take the make-up exam will depend on the precise circumstances.
4. Students who have taken all the courses required by the syllabus and obtained the required credits are eligible to graduate and receive a diploma. Students who have qualified for degrees will have their degrees conferred upon them. 
5. Chinese language trainees who have completed their studies will be awarded certificates of study.
6. International students who are studying in undergraduate majors are subject to the Academic Regulations of Undergraduate Students of USTB. 
V. Leaving the University
1.  Before they leave the University, students should go through all the required procedures, return their student cards and settle any outstanding fees. 
2. Students who have graduated or completed their studies should leave the University within 15 days. Those who are unable to leave the University on time may extend the time limit with the approval of the University and live in the University at their own expense.

Everyday Life
I. Dormitory Administration and Receiving Visitors
1.  Student rooms are assigned by the University. These rooms may not be occupied by a student’s spouse or family members. If a room is needed for such purposes, an application should be made to the International Students Office and, if the application is granted, appropriate fees must be paid. Students are not allowed to change their rooms or accommodate guests.
2.  International students should keep quiet in the dormitory and not disturb others’ study or rest. They should keep the dormitory clean and tidy. They are responsible for the cleaning of their own rooms.
3.  Students should economize on water and electricity. They should not disassemble, re-equip or damage the equipment and facilities in the dormitory. Otherwise they will be required to pay compensation or be punished in accordance with USTB rules.
4.  Students should follow the time schedule of the University. If in special circumstances they are not able to return to school on time, they should report to the dormitory executives.
5.  Students should observe the rules about receiving visitors. Visitors should go through the regular procedures before paying a visit. In order to safeguard the study and rest of other students, students are not allowed to put up visitors overnight. For special occasions, with the approval of the International Students Office, visitors can register in  temporary accommodation with a valid passport or visa, paying the appropriate fees.
6.  Students who want to organize activities to celebrate important holidays or other occasions must first obtain the approval of the University. An official in the International Students Office will be assigned to have oversight of and take responsibility for such activities. No one from outside the university may be invited to attend without permission.
7.  Students are not allowed to distribute, post or exhibit posters on the campus, or to show films or videos.
II. Medical Treatment
1. According to the USTB regulations on medical treatment, international students can seek medical treatment in the University Hospital or a designated hospital (The Third Hospital of Peking University). Scholarship students should pay the registration fee and take their receipt of medical expenses to the International Students Office to get them reimbursed. Self-financing students must pay their own medical expenses. 
2. Dental checks, optical checks, abortions and nourishing tonics are at students’ own expense.
3. Students must bear the medical and other relevant expenses caused by conduct, such as fighting and scuffling, which violates USTB rules and/or Chinese law.

These regulations come into effect as of 17 January 2008. 
The International Students Office is responsible for their interpretation and explanation.

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